"...there's only two aspects to recruitment really, both beginning with 'A' - attraction and assessment..."

Mitch Sullivan - Mike Winnet Podcast


With such a wealth of knowledge and experience from a huge number of industries and sectors, The Herne Group are able to offer un-paralleled ability to deliver both of the A's - we can Attract the best permanent or contingent candidates from our extensive network of industry professionals, with exceptional job marketing and advertising, and we can Assess candidates against our own exacting standards, in addition to those that we take from you. 

We're not your 'conventional' recruiters, we've come from industry into recruitment as we've seen our fair share of good, bad and ugly. As a hiring business you look to make a recruitment because you have a problem - you have a new Project and don't have the capacity to fulfil it, you're going into a new market and don't have the skills you think you need, you've got a culture in the business that you want to change, and you need people who want to help you. Our fundemental objective as a recruiter is to take the time, effort and care to thouroughly understand your business and your problems.

We might not even give you the answer you think - we're not here to blindly fill a requirement, we're here to help. If you what you ask for is not what we think will solve your problem, we'll say. What's more important for us than any quick placement win, is fostering a relationship with our Clients that is flexible and has longevity. 

If you want to know more about how The Herne Group can help with your permanent and contingent recruitment needs please feel free to contact us. 

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